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West Bengal Higher Secondary Exam 2015 Economics Question?

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asked Mar 8 in Education & Reference by Tomcoxcom (670 points)
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A) Explain diagrammatically the relation between average product (AP) and marginal product (MP).
Explain with illustration, the internal economics of scale that arise in large scale production.

B) Explain how short-run equilibrium of a firm is reached in a perfectly competitive market.
Discuss the long-run equilibrium of a firm under perfect competition.

C) Discuss briefly the modern theory of rent.
Explain why the individual supply curve of labour is backward bending.

D) Discuss the value added method of measuring national income of a country.
Explain with an example, the concept of 'circular flow of income'.

E)  Discuss the functions of a central bank.

F) Explain, with example, the distinction between balance of trade and balance of payments.
When does deficit occur in a balance of payments? How can such deficit be removed?

(G)  The weights (in kg) of 6children in a class are : 16,15,15,16,15,16. Find the standard deviation of their weights.
Write a note on how income inequality in a country is measured with the help of Lorenz Ratio.

H)  Give an account of the measures taken by the Government of India for the eradication of poverty in India.
commented Mar 12 by Wreckercox (360 points)
Thank you. Very helpful for students like me.

1 Answer

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answered Mar 14 by Darjbull (720 points)
Thank you so much. Can you provide me Higher Secondary Political Science Questions of the year 2015 and 2016.
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