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How to recover deleted Blogger blog ?

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asked Apr 23 in Softwares & Applications by Arthur (480 points)
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How to recover a deleted Blogger blog?
I had created a blog Question Answer using  a free blog platform called as Blogger which uses blogspot.com subdomain. I had made few posts on topics like What is a blog? How to earn money with a blog? Is it better to use WordPress or Blogger ? Etc. I am not familiar with this free-blog platform Blogger so I ended up deleting my-blog QuestionAnswer. I've made lots of effort to get back the same but My hardwork went in vain. If you are addicted to this free-blogger I hope you can help me in recovering my lost Blogger-blog all over again.

1 Answer

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answered 3 days ago by Darjbull (720 points)

Open Blogger.Com and login using your Google username/email address and password. You will be directed to the dashboard. Select the blog you want to delete (look at the top left corner). Now click on setting, Other. Remove your blog by clicking the link Delete blog.

commented 1 day ago by Wreckercox (360 points)
Thank you so much. I was looking for the same issue from the past few days.

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