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I want to create a website and I have been looking for the type of websites that will help me earn more money. I want to create a type of website where I can sit back and see dollars rolling with less efforts.

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Sit and see dollar rolling? I am sorry this is not really possible. If you want to make some money online you need to put efforts. If you are just trying your hands on web and want to money making putting minimal efforts you can follow these steps.

How to make money working few hours online?

Though there are many, I want to focus on this tutorial.

  1. Create a blog with Blogger
  2. Create post (once a week)
  3. Apply for Google Adsense (after 6 months & adequate posts)
  4. Start monetizing your Blog.

You are done. But still you won't see money rolling. You have to work on your blog.

Step 1: Optimize your blog for better search engine visibility

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

Step 2: Publicize your blog by adverting on Facebook, Google and other advertising network.

Step 3: Submit url to search engines and blog directories.

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