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West Bengal Higher Secondary Exam 2017 History [ MCQ ] Multiple Choice Question

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asked Apr 20 in Education & Reference by Tomcoxcom (670 points)
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Multiple Choice Questions MCQ

Select the correct answer out of the options given against each question :

1. Who gave leardership to the Bardoli Satyagraha?

A) Rajkumar Shuklan       B) Rajendra Prasad

C) Ballavbhai Patel          D) Kalyanji Mehta

2. Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of Cripp's Mission to India?

A) Winston Churchill        B) Linlithgow

C)  Clement Atlee            D) Stafford Cripps

3. Who founded Kuomintang?

A) Chou En Lai                B) Sun Yat Sen

C)  Chiang Kai Sek          D) Mao Tse Tung

4. The Hindoo Pioneer was published by?

A) Young Bengal             B) Prarthna Samaj

C) Arya Samaj                D) Brahmo Samaj

5. What were the poor farmers of the Kheda district in Gujarat known as?

A) Harijan                      B) Kunbi

C) Pattidar                    D) Bargadar

6. Where was the 'Azad Hind government' set up?

A) Tokyo                      B) Bangkok

C) Rangoon                 D) Singapore

7. The Lucknow Pact was signed in?

A) 1916                         B) 1919

C) 1906                         D) 1909

8. Who led the 'Temple Entry' movement in Vaikom?

A) Dr. Ambedkar         B) AK Gopalan

C) Jyotiba Phule         D) KP Kesava Menon

9. Match column-1 with column 2

         Column-1.               Column-2

    i. Treaty of Bogue                 A.1843

    ii. Treaty of Tientain             B. 1842

    iii. Convention of Peking    C. 1860

    iv. Treaty of Nanking          D. 1858

10. Who was referred to as the 'Vidhyasagar of the South'?

A) Virsalingam Pantulu           B) Narayan Guru

C) Viswanath Satyaram           D) Unnava Laxminarayan

11. When was the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) formed?

A) 1948                              B)1949

C) 1950                              D)1951

12. The prime mover of the Non-Aligned Movement was?

A) Jawaharlal Nehru      B) Marshal Tito

C)  Dr. Sukarno                D)Gamal Abdel Nasser

13. Fort William College was established in?

A) 1780                                 B) 1818

C) 1800                                 D) 1849

14. Match Column 1 with Column 2

i) Tipu Sultan                         A) Treaty of Amritsar

ii) Ranjit Singh                       B) Treaty of Srirangapatnam

iii) Mir Qasim                         C) Battle of Bauxar

iv) Lord Dalhousie                D) Battle of Chillianwala


a) A B C D              b) B D A C

c) A C D                  d) B A C D

15. When did the first Gulf war take place?

A) 1990                   B) 1995

C) 2000                   D) 2003

1 Answer

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answered 3 days ago by Darjbull (720 points)

Please provide Economics MCQ questions and answers of 2015, 2016 and 2017 West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE). Thank you.

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