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Best Parts of Speech Poem

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asked Apr 16 in Education & Reference by Deep (470 points)

I found this beautifully written poem 'The Parts of Speech Poem' and Iam sure this will help kids in learning parts of speech with ease. I would also like to invite you all to create a different variation of this poem.
Here goes the poem.
           The Parts Of Speech Poem

        Every name is called a noun,
        As field and fountain, street and town.
        In place of noun, the pronoun stands,
        As he and she can clap their hands.
        The adjective describes a thing,
        As magic wand or bridal ring.
        The verb means action, something done,
        To read and write, to jump and run.
        How things are done the adverbs tell,
        As quickly, slowly, badly, well.
        The preposition shows relation,
        As in the street or at the station.
        Conjunctions join, in many ways,
        Sentences, words, or phrase and phrase.
        The interjection cries out, ''Hark!
        I need an exclamation mark!''

1 Answer

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answered 6 days ago by yogita (610 points)

Noun: Every name is called a noun.
Example Words: Darjeeling, John

Example Sentences:
1. Darjeeling is a beautiful city.
2. John is a brave boy.

Pronoun: A Pronoun replaces a noun.
Example Words: He, them

Example Sentences:
1. John is absent because he is unwell.
2. The books are where you left them.

Adjective: An adjective is used to describes a thing.
Example Words: Brave, small

Example Sentences:
1. Tom is a brave boy.
2. I have a small ball.

Verb: A Verb is used to express an action.
Example Words: Caught, fly

Example Sentences:
1. The hunter caught the bird.
2. We fly kites on holidays.

Adverb: An adverb is used to tell how things are done.
Example Words: Hard, today

Example Sentences:
1. The students worked hard.
2. We shall play the match today.

Preposition: A preposition is used to relation.
Example Words: Of, at

Example Sentences:
1. The glass is full of water.
2. Somebody is knocking at the door.

Conjunction: A conjunction is used to join words or sentences.
Example Words: And, although

Example Sentences:
1. Tom and Lucy are best friends.
2. I respect her although she is very strict.

Interjection: An interjection is used to express sudden feeling.
Example Words: Hello, Hurrah

Example Sentences:
1. Hello! I am glad to meet you.
2. Hurrah! We won the match.

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