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What is Search Engine Optimization?

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asked Apr 13 in Computers & Internet by Tomcoxcom (670 points)
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I am anxious to know about search engine optimization tricks and tips. Can anyone please explain is it really necessary to optimize my website using this SEO tricks? How far is it beneficial for my website.

1 Answer

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answered Apr 13 by Arthur (480 points)

'Search Engine Optimization' which is better known as SEO refers to the white hat techniques applied to a website or a blog for gaining more organic traffic from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and etc. This process involves in maximizing the number of visitors flow to a web page by ensuring that the site remains on the top list (first page) of results returned by search engines. Hence practicing Search Engine Optimization for a web page improves the visibility of a website or a web page naturally. It has always been found that Search Engine plays a vital role in driving enormous quality traffic to your site if your web page is correctly optimized. For instance, if you own a site that is currently ranked as 200th in Google or any other popular searchengines for a search phrase "Search Engine Optimization Technique?" or "How to Seo a Page?" Now if you want this site to rise higher and show up in the top 10 Search Engine Results Page than in this case SEO is required.

If you are a Webmaster without the knowledge of Web Page Optimization than its time for you to wake up and start practicing some S.E.O tricks for your websites or weblogs. In fact, apart from paid advertisement this is the only way through which you can help your Web Pages rise higher in the eyes of Search Engine Result Page and fruitfully attract thousands of visitors to your site with a cheaper means or no costs at all.

I have discussed above about what Search Engine Optimization is and the importance it holds for the webpage to gain popularity, ranking itself in top 10 results for an inquired keyword or a key phrase in Search Engine Results. Now let me proceed further with different seo tips for creating a web page with better Search Engine Watch. This section provides a good grounding in basics of SEO with wide information and sharp techniques. Basically, study of Search Engine Optimizations has been divided into two parts in this lesson for better understanding, i.e. 1. On Page Optimization 2. Off Page Optimization.

What is an On Page Optimization and how to work on it?

On Page Optimization refers to White Hat techniques followed by a webmaster to maximize its performance in the eyes of S.E.O for better S.E rankings. In this method webmaster practices optimization inside a web page or a content of a website or a blog.  Read more...

What Is Off Page Optimization and how to work on it?

Off Page Optimization refers to optimizing your website by a webmaster outside Web Page in a way that it can rank better in search engines and improve visitor satisfaction. Read more...

Though S.E.O plays a vital role in generating enormous organic traffic for your web pages there are few things you should always keep in mind while practicing it.

Note: For getting a high Search Engine Result combination of different techniques along with seo are required. And if any one of the techniques is not practiced than there is a risk of competitors who are always ready to get on to the top with better S.E.O techniques.
commented Apr 13 by Areabluehill (540 points)
This is a really very good guideline for beginners but I would like to add one more thing that if you are very new to this field, then always try to work according to updates of major search engine like google. If you will work according to it, then no one can penalize your site and no one can stop you from getting good ranks.
commented Apr 13 by Darjbull (720 points)
This is really an informative post for the SEO beginners. I Would like to add that in the basic SEO, you are required to work on fresh content availability to the users and the highly targeted keywords for your related industry as the Google is continuously making updates that are focused on fresh and unique content. This is the basic concept of SEO.

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