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West Bengal Higher Secondary Exam 2017 Geography Question ?

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asked Apr 7 in Education & Reference by Tomcoxcom (710 points)
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Geography - New Syllabus - West Bengal Higher Secondary Exam 2016 (Long Questions)

1. Answer the following questions: (Alternatives are to be noted) 7x5=35

(a) With the help of diagram discuss the formation of 'Sinkhole', 'Polje' and 'Dripstone' developed in a karst region. What are meant by the process of 'aggradation' and 'degradation'? 5+2
Write in brief the origin and characteristic of different types of coral reef with suitable diagrams. Mention one characteristics feature of both 'Entisol and 'Mollisol'. 5+2

(b) Discuss with example the different types of 'Xerophytes'. Distinguish between 'hazard' and 'disaster'. 4+3
Distinguish between 'Tropical cyclone' and 'Temperate cyclone'. Write in brief the importance of 'Biodiversity'. 4+3

(c) Why is the 'Extensive' farming mainly export-oriented? Mention two significant characteristics of 'Crop rotation'. What are the problems of cultivation of pulses in India? 3+2+2

(d) Analyse for the concentration of 'Iron and steel industry' in the Chotanagpur  Plateau Region of India. Why is 'diary industry' not developed in India in spite of having large number of cattle population in this country. 3+2+2

(e) Define 'Optimum population' and mention its two characteristics. Under what type of geographical environment 'Dispersed settlement' is developed? Mention the importance of Haldia port as a subsidiary port of Kolkatta. 3+2+2
Define 'Urban settlement' according to the Census of India. Mention two characteristic features of a 'Planning region'. What is meant by 'Macro planning region'? Give examples. 3+2+2

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