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West Bengal Higher Secondary Exam 2017 History?

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asked Mar 26 in Education & Reference by Tomcoxcom (710 points)
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Answer any five questions taking at least two questions from each group:

(Group - A)

1. What is professional history? What is the difference between non-professional history and professional history? 3+5

2. Discuss the Hobson - Lenin theory on colonialism and imperialism. 8

3. What were the chief features of the Canton trade? Why did it end? 5+3
Give a brief account of the Aligarh Movement. 8

4. Give an account of Tribal and Dalit communities during British rule in India.

(Group - B)

5. Indicate the salient features of the Montague - Chelmsford Reforms (1919). Discuss its major shortcomings. 4+4

6. Analyse the historical significance of the Quit India movement and briefly discuss the participation of women in the movement. 8

7 What was the Truman Doctrine? What were the objectives of the Marshall Plan? 4+4
Write a brief note on the Cuban Missile Crisis. 8

8. What were the objectives and significance of the first three Five-Year Plans? 8

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