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What are the differences between in and at?

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asked Mar 25 in Education & Reference by Priya (280 points)
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Both words 'in' and 'at'  are prepositions having similar meaning. So why do we use sometimes 'in'  and sometimes 'at' for refering the same thing. For example, I am studying in Delhi University and sometimes I am studying at Delhi University. I am unable to make out differences between both the words.

1 Answer

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answered Mar 26 by Deep (490 points)
Preposition 'in' is for an enclosed space or a surrounded area or part or member
Preposition 'at' is for a particular place or point

So, when you say, 'Im studying in Delhi University', you're not present in that particular place(university) at the time of speaking but you're the part(student) of it(university).
And when you say,'Im studying at Delhi University', you're at university while you're speaking.
commented Mar 26 by Areabluehill (560 points)
I am in Kolkatta. It means an individual is somewhere around Kolkatta.
I am at Howrah petrol pump. It means an individual is at Howrah petroleum in Kolkatta.

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