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How to download xml three column blogger template Minima?

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asked Mar 18 in Other by Arthur (480 points)
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I am looking for Three Columns Minima Blogger Template, modified version of the original Two Colums Minima Blogger Template created by Douglas Bowman for blogger.com. (a blog-publishing service where blogs are hosted by Google at a sub-domain of blogspot.com.) This blogger template came into existence with the launch of Layout Templates during the year 2006. The original version of Minima Template is single footer, 2 Columns i.e. one post body and right sidebar. I tried searching for the template but cannot find any. If anyone has the back up copy of this template two column minima (original) or three column minima (modified) please share.

1 Answer

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answered 3 days ago by Yogendra (630 points)
edited 2 days ago by Yogendra

Three Column Minima Template BloggerIts very true that Minima is a blogger-template created by Douglas Bowman for using in blogspot sub-domain hosted blogs.  This blogger template came into existence with the launch of Layout Templates during the year 2006. Within a very short time this Blogger template became very popular and because of its simplicity and fast loading design thousands of bloggers began using this template for their blogs. Unfortunately, this "Two Column Minima Blogger Template" began loosing its popularity among bloggers when they founded this template was not very elastic and provided no fruitful results while designing their blogs. The rise in demand for more flexibility and elasticity (with same simplicity and fast loading design) gave birth to a new template popular called as, "Three Columns Minima Blogger Template"

So, for those people who are less satisfied with the previous template, I have converted the default two columns blogger template into three columns blogger template and truly I am very much pleased to bring the most awaited 3 Column blogger template redesigned from the scratch of original blogger Minima-template to meet the demands of new bloggers today. With the birth of this 3 columns Minima-template you can enjoy added advantage and unlike previous two column blogger template this new three column blogger template has been edited for better results.

Default Layout Minima-Templates Released in 2006 :

Minima-Template, Minima-Dark-Template, Minima-Blue-Template, Minima-Ochre-Template

,Minima-Lefty-Template, Minima-Stretch-Template, Minima-Lefty Stretch-Template

Features Included In this Minima-Templates :

New Sidebar added to the left.

Place for adding back to top button.

Top Nav Bar removed permanently.

Post Title Optimized for better SEO.

Stretch MinimaTemplate backgrounds.

Four Columns Footer for blogs added.

Meta tags installed for better Search Ranking.

Download Blogger Three Column Minima Template Latest Versions :

Below given are different versions of default 2 Columns Minima Template modified into 3 Columns for free download. Please note that this is a free three column blogger template and is solely for tutorial purpose.

Version V.0.1.Minima Download Now!

Minima Template 3 Column    Template Features :

    Left Sidebar, Post Title Hack

    Search Engine Optimization 

Note: Due to misuse of our below given 'Blogger Templates' we have removed the download links of the file. However, if you believe that you need the files for legit purpose and make sure you will not rent for cash or sell the template, we will make a provision to send the link directly to your inbox. Let us know via answer or comment form below this post and do not forget to Subscribe to Question Reply at the bottom of the page. Enjoy free updates. Sorry for inconvenience!

Thank you for downloading Minima blogger template. Feel at ease to leave a comment. However, we moderate strictly, inappropriate and irrelevant comments will be removed on review. For template help please comment below, or contact us via our contact form. If you have any better idea relating to this template just pass it to us. We appreciate your suggestions, for doing so you can mail us or comment below.

commented 2 days ago by Darjbull (720 points)
'Old is always gold'. The drawback with these templates are that you will not have access to many latest features such as the template designer, etc. There was a time when we had access to old blogger layout templates for the blog, but now Blogger team has removed the link to download  Layout Templates (Launched 2006). Nothing to worry, we will release two column soon. If you have any better idea relating to this template just pass it to us. We appreciate your suggestions, for doing so you can comment below.

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