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West Bengal Higher Secondary Exam 2016 Political Science?

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asked Mar 16 in Education & Reference by Priya (280 points)
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Political Science - New Syllabus - West Bengal Higher Secondary Exam 2016 (Long Questions)

1. Answer the following questions (Alternatives are to be noted) :

i) What is power? Analyse the elements of power.
Briefly explain the nature of National Interest. Mention the methods of protecting National Interest.

ii) Describe the theory of Historical Materialism of Karl Marx.

iii) What do you mean by 'Judicial Review'? Explain how can independence of Judiciary be preserved.
Argue for and against Unicameral Legislature.

iv) Explain the powers and position of a Governor of a state in India.

v) Discuss the features of the Judicial System of India.
Write a note on Consumer Court in India.

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