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What are the best tourist spots to visit in Darjeeling?

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asked Mar 10 in Travel & Tourism by Areabluehill (560 points)
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I have heard much about Darjeeling, which is also sometimes referred as 'The Queen of Hills'. I wish I could visit this season but unfortunately, due to my very busy schedule, I missed out an opportunity to move along with the fog.
Nevertheless, I have made plans to visit this winter. People out there if you are reading this please let me decided the best tourist destination so that I can plan a great holiday.

1 Answer

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answered Apr 20 by Rick (330 points)
You have truly heard about Darjeeling as it is referred as the Queen's of hills. You will certainly feel the good vibes and the peace of mind once you will reach here. If you are fog lover than you should visit places like lamahatta, sukhia , sonada etc. These places are out of town and may take few hours to reach. However there are few good tourist spots near the town such as
1. Japanese pagoda. Also know as Japanese temple. Here you can see the fine art and traditions of Japanese religion.
2. Ganga maya park. You can enjoy the scenario of hills.
3. Batasey loop. Here you can watch the toy train making its sound and slowly appearing from the loop.
4. Tiger hill. It is one of the renounced places that you must visit. You must get up ealry to see the majestic beauty of sunrise here.It's view is breathtaking.
5. Chowrasta. It is called as the heart of Darjeeling as people always gather here to share there happiness and sorrows. You must visit this place to see the friendship and love amongst the people of hills.
Other places you can visit are zoo, museum, rope way, tea gardens etc.
If you want any information about the spots than you can ask me at question reply.com
Thank you
commented 5 days ago by yogita (680 points)
Rock Garden, Nightangle Park, Padmajanaidu zoological park, Chitrey.

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